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Worthy Technology is a globally recognized IT consulting company with HQ in the wold primarily focused in providing process improvement services, including IT tool implementation, support and process management solutions in the area of software development, system integration and R&D, process improving & assessment service etc. since last 15 years.

Worthy Technology is dedicated to provide trusted, reliable and cost-effective IT-enabled improving solutions for critical, but non-core financial processes to enhance Organization's competitive advantage and profitability...
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Supplier Audit
The Supplier Audit Program by WTI provides your software or system organization with a valuable tool for regularly auditing the compliance or performance of your suppliers, while leaving you free to manage your operation. The program consists of 2nd party audits, customized audit solutions or third-party certification based on your needs.
Application Development
In today's electronic age, almost all companies have switched over to atomization. by contraries, your R&D organization and project developing are not automated. WTI provides you with a integrated, available process management platform to observe process and discipline.
Training Program
WTI can offer you a wide range of seminars at several locations throughout China as well as numerous other locations in the USA, UK, Germany and neighboring European countries. These seminars relate to all topics having to do with software and systems engineering, such as requirements engineering, software architecture, and testing.

Support / Maintenance
You might not be in contact with original consulting / assessment organization, or you might have been running a CMMI or Automotive SPICE system in house but don't have the team, tools or expertise to keep it further. WTI can assist you by offering the support of process improvement.
Consulting for SW & SE
WTI provides you and your staff with consulting and coaching services in the continuous optimization of development processes, the sustainable improving of quality, and the fulfillment of industry-specific standards or legal regulations.
Hire a Team
WTI's Hire Dedicated QA Service gives you access to one or more Dedicated QA(s)/ Appraisal team who work exclusively for you on your projects/BU. Basically, it helps you in enhancing the quality and reducing the costs involved with your development.

Gap Analysis
At WTI, we are experts in helping organizations to achieve their potential. Our gap analysis will help you decide how you need to adjust your management systems to be ready for certification. A gap analysis can be carried out independently of any certification act.
At WTI, We don't just assess you on standards, we help you to meet them. We'll support you every step of the way as you implement a standard all the way to certification.
So whatever you need to get your organization certified – and keep you certified – we can provide it.
Combined assessment services
If you have two or more management systems that need to be assessed,e.g. CMMI-DEV and automotive SPICE, or ISO/IEC 20000 and CMMI-SVC. we'll aim to co-ordinate them so they take place on the same days, reducing the disruption to your organization and your administrative costs.